Monday, October 31, 2005


Situation Critical!

We've lost over 70% of the Burning Sub-Blogosphere so far. As the darkness encroaches further on the last bastions of civilization, I wonder: "How long?" How long will it be before the temporal and gravitonic stresses tear the Sub-Blogosphere apart? Most of the people have fled to the Frozen Lower Blogosphere, for it is far more stable. Those remaining behind face certain death as the Sub-Blogosphere implodes upon itself. The rate of decay is increasing exponentially; we have less than a week.

Bring a towel.

For those of you who wanted to know how the Burning Sub-Blogosphere ties into anything, I/We the Anonymi, will tell you.

The Burning Sub-Blogosphere is the eventual tomb of either Gyrobo or Evil Bob Dole. The loser of the election will be condemned to eternity here, and when the inevitable collapse occurs, they will be atomized.

Or else.
Sounds like it's getting down to the crunch time.
May the best avatar win!
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